A man in Turkey gets detained over his tattoo

In Kayseri province of Turkey, a man has been taken into custody for ‘terror propaganda’ over his tattoo.

In scope of the investigations on social media accounts of the chief prosecutor’s office, police in Kayseri took into custody a convenient store staff over accusations of ‘insulting the state of Turkey and the high state officials’ and of ‘doing terror propaganda’.

Young man’s tattoo on his arm that read ’15 July ’16: Turkish Armed Forces’ and ‘Peace at Home Council’ has also been considered as terror propaganda as it included the name of the group that is alleged to have carried out the failed coup of July 15 last summer.

Source: http://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/yurtta-sulh-konseyi-dovmesi-yaptiran-kisi-gozaltina-alindi-176257.html

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