From Turkey’s Erdoğan to Germany’s Gabriel: ‘You are not my counterpart; know your place!’

On Sunday (August 20), speaking to his party members in Denizli province of Turkey, chair of Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, repeated his earlier calls to Turkish Diaspora in Germany to avoid voting for SPD, CDU, and the Greens and also responded to German FM Sigmar Gabriel’s criticism.

To the German FM, Erdoğan said: “Now, they (Germany) have got this Foreign Minister. He does not know his place. Who are you (FM Gabriel) to speak to Turkey’s President. You should go speak to Turkey’s FM. Know your place. He tries to teach us a lesson. What is your experience in politics? How old are you? Our lives have past with struggling in politics. So, it is not important for us whether you open the doors of Germany or not. Our doors are enough for us. And, we’ll be pleased to go to those countries that open their doors for us and we’ll open our doors for them. We are not in an effort to gain more enemies; we’re giving effort to decrease the number of enemies and increase the number of our friends”.

Erdoğan’s remarks were given after top German politicians, including FM Gabriel, criticized Erdoğan’s meddling with the upcoming elections in Germany by trying to influence the preferences of the Turkish Diaspora in the country.


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