Mother of 14 year old killed in Turkey's Gezi protests gets her arm broken by police

During a demonstration held in solidarity with Turkey’s jailed hunger-striking teachers Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, police violently intervened and took into custody over a dozen protesters.

Survivor of Suruç Massacre - Photo by Zeynep Kuray of Birgün

Gülsüm Elvan, the mother of 14 year old Berkin Elvan who was killed with a teargas bullet fired by an officer during Gezi Park Protests, was among those the police in İstanbul’s Kadıköy district took into custody on Friday (August 11).

During the brutal intervention of the police, Gülsüm Elvan’s arm got fractured. Berkin’s sister Gamze Elvan was also taken into custody.

Photo by Zeynep Kuray of BirGün

A survivor of the Suruç Massacre, Çağla Seven, was also battered during the demonstration, which has been regularly held on Fridays in Kadıköy to demand the release of the educators.


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