MP from Turkey’s HDP protests destruction in ancient town of Hasankeyf

An area in Turkey’s southeast that has already been facing an inevitable disappearance due to an ongoing construction of the disputed Ilısu Dam nearby, the 12,000 year old ancient town of Hasankeyf in Mesopotamia has this time been put under further risk through a process where large rocks on hilltops are being destroyed with use of explosives.

As reports about this destruction in parts of Hasankeyf in Batman province spread earlier during the week, the Governor of Batman released a statement saying the rocks are being destroyed as they pose a risk of collapse. ‘Contrary to the reports, no explosives are used in this process’, Governor Ahmet Deniz said, adding it is being handled by experts.

In protest of the destruction, HDP’s parliamentarian from Batman, Mehmet Ali Aslan, chained himself to a rock in the area.
Stating on Friday (August 18) that the officials’ claims about explosives not being used are not true, MP Aslan said: “They (officials) say that explosives are not used. What are those in the footages: balloons burst by children? I could not believe when I watched the videos. It reminded me of ISIL’s slaughter of historic site in Palmira”.

Saying, “I am here as a human being; and, as a local of the region. I call on all lovers of history and culture to the scream of Hasankeyf. We must say ‘stop’ to this destruction. And, the authorities must end their efforts”.


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