Russia submitted to import tomato from Turkey in 2018

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has said that Russian Ministry of Agriculture submitted a proposal to import 50 thousand of tomato from Turkey.

“According to the proposal of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the amount of tomatoes to be bought from Turkey won’t exceed 50 thousand per year. The government won’t make its decision before 2018”.

According to a report by Sputniknews, the reason behind this tomato ban lasting this long was that the Russian government granted loans in large amounts to domestic tomato producers following the embargo imposed on Turkey.

Tomato import to start in winter

Speaking to Rossiya 24 TV channel, Russian Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev said, “We are planning to import 50-60 thousand of tomatoes from Turkey. This is not a huge amount”.

“Besides, we agreed with Turkish counterparts that we will import the tomatoes in the beginning of spring and winter, which are unsuitable periods to grow tomato due to the weather conditions in Russia”.

Source: BIA News

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