The word ‘republic’ removed from social media accounts of Turkey’s president Erdoğan

A change in certain parts of the social media accounts of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently caught the attention of the public.

The word ‘republic’ has been removed from Erdoğan’s official title.

While it was previously written as ‘President of the Republic of Turkey’, the most recent statement says ‘President of Turkey’.

As Turkey’s opposition newspaper Sözcü reported, while the word ‘republic’ has been removed, the title of ‘Chair of AKP’ has been added to Erdoğan’s profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

The change received reactions especially since it has been brought forth shortly after a highly disputed statement of a former AKP official on AKP's effort to 'establish a new state in Turkey'.

Other top AKP officials, such as the PM Yıldırım and the Spokesperson Bozdağ, still use the word ‘republic’ in their profiles.


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