Turkey's jailed teacher Özakça released on 226th day of hunger-strike

Turkey's dismissed and jailed teacher Semih Özakça was released on Friday (October 20) after having been kept in detention for nearly five months over accusations of ties to terrorist groups.

The court decision for Özakça's release under the condition of judicial monitoring came on the 226th day of his hunger-strike, which he and his colleague Nuriye Gülmen had started more than seven months ago to demand their jobs back.

The court, however, ordered for Nuriye Gülmen's detention to continue at Sincan Prison in the capital city of Ankara.

The two have become the symbol of resistance in Turkey against the unlawful and arbitrary dismissals and detentions carried out by authorities under state of emergency, which has been in force across the country since the failed coup attempt of last summer.

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