Violent intervention of police in Turkey against protesters demanding their jobs back

The peaceful demonstration of a group of dismissed public employees has once again been violently intervened by police in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara.

The group, which is also supported by rights activists, has been holding a demonstration on the central Kızılay town of Ankara every evening to repeat their demand for being returned to their jobs and for hunger-striking teachers Nuriye Gülmen a nd Semih Özakça to be released from jail and returned to their teaching positions, from which they were dismissed back in 2016 in scope of the emergency measures taken in response to a failed coup.

While Nuriye and Semih have left behind 163 days in their hunger-strike, the demonstration in front of the Human Rights Statue in Kızılay’s Yüksel Street has been taking place on a daily-basis for nearly 10 months.

On Friday (August 18) evening, police in Ankara brutally dispersed the demonstrators, while dragging some on the ground; battering others severely; and, attempting to choke a protestor after firing teargas on the busy street of Ankara’s downtown.

One protester was taken into custody, according to reports of DİHA of Turkey.


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