A dentist chants ‘takbeer’ at a public hospital while treating a patient

As a dentist in one of Turkey’s public hospitals in İstanbul chants ‘takbeer’, multiple times, before starting the treatment, patient Erdinç Şenyüz warns the dentist, asking ‘Sir, are you performing a salaat or giving me anesthesia?’

Responding to the reaction of his patient, the dentist then says: “You can go to a private hospital, if you don’t like it here. It’s your choice!”

According to reports of Ahmet Çınar from soL news portal of Turkey, the patient commented on his experience by saying ‘a dentist practicing at a public hospital should not be treating patiants with religious ceremonies of any kind’.

The patient Şenyüz also drew attention to the response of the dentist and said: “The same picture can be seen also in the education system. They impose religion education; and, when you do not want it, they tell you to ‘have your child attend a private school’ instead of a public one.”

A country where secularism is protected in the constitution, Turkey has been experiencing a gradual shift in its social make-up towards an increasingly aggressive Islamist movement.

Source: http://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/narkoz-verirken-allahu-ekber-diye-bagiran-doktordan-hastaya-begenmiyorsan-ozele-git-172583.html


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