‘A new state is being established in Turkey and its founder is Erdoğan’, says AKP executive

Recent remarks by an high-profile executive member of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has spurred reactions among the members of the public and the opposition as the AKP executive Ayhan Oğan said ‘a new state is being established in Turkey and its founder is Erdoğan’.

During a program on CNN Türk, Oğan said: “This nation (in Turkey) has carried out a revolution on July 15 and it has brought the system of ‘guardianship’ to an end. Now, we are establishing a new state. And, whether you like it or not this state’s founder is Erdoğan”.

As the program host and the other guest speaker, Mersin MP of main opposition CHP, questioned him in surprise as to what exactly he means by ‘establishment of a new state’, AKP member repeated his statements and said ‘the state in Turkey, which was founded by Atatürk as the head of Republican People’s Party (CHP) in 1923, had been kept under a system of guardianship since 1960’s and that has now been brought to an end through a revolution by the people on July 15’ last year.

While the host asked him whether he means ‘a new system’ and the CHP MP asserted what he is talking about is ‘a government’, Oğan once against said ‘it is a creation of a new state’.

As Oğan further explained that the ‘oligarchic bureaucracy has been replaced with a new system’, the host Ahu Özyurt said, trying to avoid tension: “So, then, you mean a system, not a state’.

When CHP MP Atıcı responded in reaction, saying: “No, he is really openly saying a new state”, AKP executive replied: “Yes, I am indeed saying openly: a new state”.

“Well, then, at least, we thank you that you say it openly”, said CHP MP in a critical tone.

Source: http://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/yeni-bir-devlet-kuruyoruz-diyen-ayhan-ogan-a-metin-uca-dan-sert-yanit-173263.html


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