An ISIL suspect in Turkey kills an officer at a police station in İstanbul
13.08.2017 23:59 BİRGÜN DAİLY

A suspected suicide bomber of ISIL who was taken into custody in Turkey’s İstanbul stabbed an officer at the Vatan Police Department on Sunday (August 13).

Toygun Atilla of Hürriyet reported that while suspect was killed after his attack, the officer who was in critical condition after the stabbing also lost his life.

It is still unclear how the suspect, whose name has not been disclosed, was able to take a knife with him inside the police station since a thorough search is normally supposed to be completed before suspects are taken to the station.

Chief prosecutor’s office in İstanbul released a statement issuing a broadcast ban on the incident until the investigations are completed, Haber Türk reported on Monday (August 14).

Updated at 11:00 on Monday, August 14.