Ankara Mayor Gökçek: ‘Gülen has jinns; he controls people with them’

Ankara mayor Melih Gökçek claimed that Fethullah Gülen, the name alleged to be behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15th, has a special method where he uses ‘jinns’ – a magical spirit believed to be appearing in human or animal form to take control of the possessed.

During the interview hosted by CNNTürk’s Hakan Çelik, Gökçek claimed that Fethullah Gülen takes control of people and made further comments, even appalling the program host Çelik, as well. He said Gülen uses ‘the three-lettered ones’, referring to the Turkish word ‘cin’.

The dialogue went as the following:

Gökçek: This will sound very funny to you but he (Fethullah Gülen) does this through a very interesting method.

Çelik: What is that method?

Gökçek: The three-lettered ones.

Çelik: What do you mean?

Gökçek: Now, let everybody talk about this a little.

Çelik: Give some more clues, please. Those who do not know much about these kinds of things may not understand.

Gökçek: He does it through the three-lettered ones! He possesses people!

Çelik: The jinns? Are you talking about jinns?!

Gökçek: Yes, yes.

Çelik: But, this…

Gökçek: Possible!

Çelik: But…Can this, what you’re saying, have a scientific ground?

Gökçek: Of course, how could it not? Look around you; you would see that some people, especially at certain times regarding certain situations, are possessed. Then, they get saved… It’s obvious…

Çelik: So, has he got such great skill?

Gökçek: Yes, he has!

Çelik: …

Gökçek, a member of AKP, has held the position of the mayor in Ankara since 1994, consecutively for each term. He is also known for his rather out of the ordinary assertions and for being a fond of the social media.


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