Court in Turkey orders for arrest of journalist from opposition newspaper Evrensel
15.09.2017 18:55 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Court in Turkey had decided for journalist from opposition newspaper Evrensel, Kemal Özer, to be arrested over accusations of ‘membership to terror group’.

Özer had been taken into custody at a security check point in Dersim (officially called Tunceli) earlier on September 4.

Özer’s detention has been criticized and protested by a number of people, including journalists, representatives from trade unions, environmentalist groups, and residents of Dersim.

Özer had been previously threatened because of his reports on environmental destruction especially in Dersim.

Turkey’s union of journalists (TGS), association of journalists (TGC), Dersim Ecology Council, Northern Forest Defense, as well as, Britain’s Trade Union Congress (TUC) reacted and called on for release of both Özer and previously detained Evrensel journalist Yusuf Karataş.