Cumhuriyet's detained journalist: 'I bow down only to my mother and father to kiss their hands'
28.07.2017 20:52 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Following the decision of the court in İstanbul against the journalists, executives, and lawyers of the opposition daily Cumhuriyet, renown journalist and author Ahmet Şık – who is among the 5 of the defendants that the court ordered for a continuation of arrest – has once again given an assertive message to the authorities in Turkey.

Şık said: “The decision given here today says to us: ‘we are going to make you come down on your knees’. All those bullies; their hitmen and institutions; all those viles lacking dignity; and, all members of this organized malignancy should know this: So far, I have bowed down only to my mother and father to kiss their hands. And, it is always going to be the same!”