Demonstration of Turkey’s dismissed public employees violently dispersed by police again
15.08.2017 15:38 BİRGÜN DAİLY

A group of dismissed teachers and public employees have been holding a demonstration in Ankara’s central square of Kızılay to demand their jobs back for over 9 months.

The demonstration of the individuals who have been dismissed in scope of the purge of the government in response to a failed putsch has also been supported by representatives of rights groups and citizens.

The demonstrations held daily in Ankara and weekly in İstanbul have been intervened by police almost all the time, ending in short detentions of at least a few people each time.

While demanding their jobs back, the demonstrators have also been calling on authorities to release jailed hunger-striking educators Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça and to return them to their teaching positions.

On Monday, the demonstrators once again gathered in front of the blocked Human Rights Statue on Yüksel Street of Kızılay in the evening hours to release their press statement.

As the police intervened, dismissed teacher Acun Karadağ and two other protesters were forcefully and violently taken into custody again.

The purge in Turkey left hundreds of thousands people from a range of public institutions – schools, hospitals, security forces, judiciary, ministries, and more – jobless. The dismissed individuals are also banned from getting a job in public institutions ever again.