Earthquake with 6.2 magnitude causes panic in Turkey's western cities
12.06.2017 16:30 BİRGÜN DAİLY

On Monday (June 12), a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey’s Aegean region was also felt in provinces of Marmara, as well as, the Greek Islands in the Aegean sea and caused panic among the public.

The earthquake occurred at around 15:30 at local time, lasting about 10 seconds and leading people to run out from buildings in shock and panic.

Reported to have emerged from İzmir’s Karaburun district, where it was felt the most, the quake luckily did not cause any loss of life or property, according to reports so far.

Giving statements about the quake to CNN Türk on live broadcast, the head of the Kandilli Observatory of Turkey, Professor Haluk Özdener, said ‘this is neither the first earthquake in this region nor the last’ and warned about possible successive earthquakes in magnitudes of 5 and over.

Professor Özdener also said the quake emerged from 20 km deep in open seas around Karaburun district of İzmir province. Feeling its impact in places as far as 500 km was, therefore, normal, Özdener added.


As people shared videos and comments about it on social media, a tweet that was shared by former MP from CHP couple of hours before the earthquake also caught the eye and caused shock.In her message, former MP Melda Onur had referred to the recent reports about people randomly and frequently seeing snakes in cities and reminded that the same thing had happened before the devastating quake of 1999.

Onur’s tweet, which was shared only a few hours before the quake of today (June 12), read as: “For the past two days, there have been reports about snakes seen in city’s downtowns. This happened last shortly before the quake of 1999.”