First indictment about July 15 coup attempt
11.10.2016 11:35 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Denizli Chief Prosecutor Mustafa Alper has released a statement about the first indictment prepared about July 15 coup attempt. Talking at the press conference held in Denizli Courthouse, Chief Prosecutor Alper informed the reporters that during the coup attempt, which was tried to be carried out by FETÖ, ‘several military staff members from the 11th Command of Commando Brigades had planned to seize Çardak Airport in order to support the attempt in Ankara.

According to the reports of CNN Türk, Alper said that a total of 60 suspects (42 arrested; 15 released on a condition of legal monitoring; 2 to be tried without arrest; and 1 still searched) have been indicted in relation to July 15 coup attempt; and, they have been referred to the Denizli 2nd Heavy Penal Court.

Two lines of troops had been deployed 2 days in prior

Denizli Chief Prosecutor Alper stated that the investigations led to the following findings: on July 13th (2 days before the attempt), two lines of troops had been transferred to Denizli 11th Command of Commando Brigades from Aydın’s Söke district, in a manner not proper with previous drills. A training program had been planned for the dates of July 14-17; and, on July 16th – at 2:30 a.m.-, Çardak Airport were to be seized. It has also been indicated in the investigation reports that the Airport had been explored, however, Aegean Army Command and the region’s Police Deparment were not informed although it is required for these kinds of activities. Additionally, a commissioned officer who had been assigned to a post in War Colleges Command was detected to have taken part in activities of the brigades and held secret talks.

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An ‘extremely urgent’ message

Chief Prosecutor Alper also said that the junta that called itself as the ‘Peace at Home Council’ had sent an ‘extremely urgent’ message to Denizli. Alper said: “As the ‘extremely urgent’ message of the junta, which named themselves as the Peace at Home Council, was sent, the start off of the offensive was changed to 23:00 o’clock; the selected troops began heading to Çardak airport on military vehicles and with more equipment than used in an ordinary drill, also by exceeding the speed limit. Also, to the exit areas of the brigades, armored vehicles were placed and the warnings of civilian authorities were not obeyed. Following this, electrical power at the airport was shut-off; the device used for leading the planes, along with the generator, was disabled; fuel tanks were emptied; and the airfield was blocked to civilian vehicles. Meanwhile, the staff of the Airport Base Command began a non-violent resistance. Therefore, two military aircrafts that were coming to Çardak from Kayseri Erkilet Airport could not land in Çardak Airport and had to head back. Because of the inability of planes to land; the citizens blocking the roads; and the psychological atmosphere with regards to uncertainty about the success of the coup attempt, the troops that had previously been prepared to support the military attempt in Ankara were caught in the morning hours of July 16 without having had the chance to take part in clashes.”

Non-coms who have not been indicted are considered as witnesses

As part of the indictment, which consists of 20 files and a total of 143 pages, many commissioned and non-commissioned soldiers were taken into custody. While 57 of them were referred to criminal court of peace as suspects, 53 were arrested and sent to İzmir Type F Prison (closed and high security jails). Alper also mentioned that 11 sub-lieutenants and 4 low-ranked commissioned officers were released with the condition of legal monitoring. On the other hand, ‘non-coms who do not hold any authority and solely obey the commands they are given have not been indicted as they were considered ‘just to be carrying out their duty as a soldier’; rather, they have been included in investigations as witnesses. Initially, on the day of July 16th, a total of 410 non-coms were taken into custody.

‘3 times aggrevated life imprisonment’

Denizli Chief Prosecutory Mustafa Alper also said that those who have been included in the indictment will be tried with charges of ‘attempt to annihilate the Grand National Assembly or to prevent it from functioning; to abolish the Government of Republic of Turkey or to prevent it from carrying out its duties; and, for being a member of Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization (FETÖ).’ Alper also added that based on the relevant charges, these indicted suspects will face with anticipated sentences of 15 years or 3 times aggrevated life imprisonment.