Freedom House Report on Freedom on the Net: Turkey ranked as ‘not free’

According to the findings of the 2016 Report of Freedom House on Freedom on the Net across the world, repeated blockages of internet access throughout Turkey have now dropped the rank of the country to a status of not free.

Listed among the 5 countries – Ukraine, Venezuela, Russia, Ethiopia, Turkey – that have experienced the greatest decline of internet freedom within the past five years, Turkey is also one of the 20 countries that are ranked as not free.

The report includes the following about the country: “Turkey, whose internet freedom environment has been deteriorating for a number of years, dropped into the Not Free category amid multiple blockings of social media platforms and prosecutions of users, most often for offenses related to criticism of the authorities or religion. These restrictions continued to escalate following the failed coup in July 2016, in spite of the crucial role that social media and communication apps—most notably FaceTime—played in mobilizing citizens against the coup.”


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