FSA militants hand over tank of Turkish Armed Forces to ISIL in Syria
27.04.2017 09:04 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Having entered the ISIL-controlled areas in Al-Bab before the Turkish Armed Forces went into the region, the members of FSA are reported to have sold or handed over armored vehicles to ISIL militants.

According to reports of Erk Acarer of Turkey’s BirGün newspaper, though an investigation into it was also launched by Turkey’s General Staff, no result has been obtained yet.

Father of the soldier claimed to have been burnt by ISIL: ‘We are only told to be patient' Father of the soldier claimed to have been burnt by ISIL: ‘We are only told to be patient'

FSA had entered the region under the leadership of Turkish Armed Forces in scope of Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield, which ended in late March after having been launched back in August, in 2016.

A tank – worth over 600K USD – is first seen next to FSA militants, who do their namaz (Islamic prayer) on the tank. The same tank, with a tag number 243768, is then seen in a video with ISIL militants, who point at the vehicle by saying ‘booty!’

Acarer adds in his report that military sources said the following about the operation in Al-Bab: “The operation was run under very difficult conditions. There was no food and no place to bath. There was a double standard between our (Turkish Armed Forces) soldiers and the FSA members. They (FSA) had better conditions. Moreover, FSA members sold an armored vehicle. It was ours. Most of the FSA militants were thieves, drug abusers, and smugglers.”

Over 70 soldiers of Turkey lost their lives during the 8 months long operation of Turkey in northern Syria.

Source: http://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/oso-tsk-ye-ait-tanki-isid-e-verdi-156967.html