Governor in Turkey gets appointed as the trustee for 29 companies

In scope of investigations into the FETÖ/Parallel State Structure in the country launched in 2015, Governor of Uşak province of Turkey has been appointed as the trustee for 29 firms in his city.

Giving a statement about the decision of the government to assign him to the post of the trustee, Governor Salim Demir said: “The office of the deputy prime minister has appointed me as the trustee to 29 firms. The decision will be announced in the official commerce journal… We are going to wait for court decisions to determine the final status of these firms. Meanwhile, we are going to handle their business. The firms will continue functioning in the sectors they are already in”.

The wave of multiple trustee appointments in Turkey had initially started in 2015 with a case filed against İpek-Koza Holding , which also used to run media institutions. With the state of emergency declared in the country in response to a failed coup attempt alleged to have been plotted by followers of once a close partner of the ruling AKP, Fethullah Gülen, several firms in Turkey, as well as, municipality offices – especially in cities with a dominantly Kurdish population and Kurdish officials -, have been the target of the government’s massive crackdown, which has been carried out through executive decrees of the president and the Council of Ministers under his leadership.



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