Minister Çelik: ‘Not a one-man regime, a one-captain system is coming to Turkey’
30.01.2017 16:32 BİRGÜN DAİLY

People of Turkey will be voting on ruling party AKP’s proposed constitutional amendments in early April, according to latest statements of officials.

Meanwhile, both those for and against the proposed changes have started their referendum campaigns.
Opposition has been emphasizing that the proposed shift to presidential system is actually a proposal for a shift to a ‘one-man regime.’

One of the latest comments from AKP side in response to these assertions of the opposition came from Turkey’s Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Faruk Çelik.

Speaking at a small scale public meeting recently, Minister Çelik said: “Not one-man, one captain is coming to Turkey. The decision lies with the nation… Whatever they say in the referendum that will be the decision.”

Claiming those voting in support of the proposed changes will be the ones ‘making history,’ Minister Çelik said they will be proudly saying ‘AKP has brought stability, prosperity, and investments to Turkey throughout its 16 years rule.’

Also saying the proposed system will force parties to work with groups of different political positions in order to reach the 51% majority and win in the presidential elections, Çelik said this will also ‘create a good opportunity for cooperation between different political groups.’ However, initial assertion of AKP for proposing a presidential system in Turkey was that ‘coalition governments were blocking the way in politics.’