MP from Turkey's AKP claims Erdoğan 'must have said 50 million by mistake'
17.07.2017 21:33 BİRGÜN DAİLY

As latest remarks delivered on July 15 by Turkey’s president and the chair of AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, caused reactions among the public and the opposition, the ruling party’s deputy parliamentary group leader Naci Bostancı gave a statement on Monday (July 17).

On Saturday (July 15), ‘We saved the future of 50 million in Turkey on the night of July 15’, Erdoğan said during the commemoration ceremony held for the victims of foiled coup attempt, leading many to see his remarks as ‘divisive and discriminative’ since the country’s population is around 80 million.

Claiming that Erdoğan said it ‘by mistake’, AKP’s deputy parliamentary group leader Naci Bostancı responded to the opposition members’ question at the parliament and said: “Our honorable President and Prime Minister have talked about the unity and brotherhood of all 80 million at any chance given. This is obviously seen in all past recording… The latest assertion has to have been said by mistake…”

Main opposition MP Atıcı responded back by saying, ‘I also really hope that it was just a slip of the tongue.’