One in every three college graduates in Turkey unemployed

Unemployment in Turkey remains as one of the top issues for the country’s economy.

The country, with a population of around 12 million (around 16% of the total population) of young people, has also fallen behind in ensuring employment for its youth.

A closer look at the details of the data published by Turkish Statistical Institution reveals that one in every three college graduates in the country is currently unemployed.

According to a recent article by Alaattin Aktaş from Dünya newspaper, 2.6 million of this young population is neither employed, nor currently attending school. Aktaş mentions that there are 1.1 million young people who have graduated from a college as of May 2017. Of this group, around 349 thousand are still unemployed.

While the ratio of unemployed male college graduates is around 22.5%, the situation regarding women is much worse as 37.4% of them continue their lives after college without an opportunity to work.



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