Police use force against academics of Ankara University
10.02.2017 16:06 BİRGÜN DAİLY

The latest emergency decree passed by the Council of Ministers under leadership of Erdoğan has ordered for over 4500 public personnel to be dismissed from their positions.

Among them are 330 academicians from various accredited universities of Turkey.

As the dismissed academics from Ankara University and their colleagues and friends gathered in front of their Cebeci campus in Ankara today (February 10) to demonstrate against the latest decision of the government, police blocked the way and attacked those who tried to read out loud their statements.

Over 10 people, including both academics and students, have been taken into custody by the police at the site, according to reports.

Two CHP parliamentarians, as well as the former dean of the school, were also at the site of the protest giving support to dismissed academicians.

Commenting on police’s treatment of the people, dismissed scholar Cenk Yiğiter said: ‘Some of our friends were violently attacked by the police. And, all of this took place in front of the eye of the head of the security team of the campus.’

Police used teargas and water cannon to disperse the group and also used forced against those chanting slogans such as ‘down with the despotism; long live freedom’.





Source: http://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/akademisyenlerin-cebeci-kampusu-ne-girisi-engellendi-146390.html