PYD’s co-chair calls on coalition forces to react against Turkey’s strikes in Sinjar and Rojova
25.04.2017 22:17 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Co-chair of PYD, Salih Muslim, said the recent air strikes of Turkey’s armed forces against Kurdish fighters in Sinjar and Rojova areas were ‘unacceptable,’ calling of members of the coalition fighting against ISIL to ‘not remain silent’ about it.

Giving statements to News Channel about the recent strike of Turkey, which is reported to have killed at least 20 people, Muslim said, ‘people who are fighting against terror are being stabbed in the back with these strikes.’

Also talking to Sputnik, Muslim asserted Turkey’s warplanes ‘cannot be flying in those zones without the approval of the coalition’ and said the attack of Turkey is ‘helping for the cause of ISIL in the region and carries the risk of further complicating the operations.’