Referendum propaganda time on Turkey’s state TV TRT: 70 minutes for ‘yes’ voters, 40 for ‘no’
07.02.2017 17:38 BİRGÜN DAİLY

While the controversial constitutional amendments package wait at president Erdoğan’s desk for approval, political parties, civil society institutions, and several other organizations and public figures in Turkey have begun their referendum campaigns.

Duration of referendum campaign propaganda for each party on state-run television channel TRT has also been arranged.

AKP will have 30 minutes, while 3 other standing parties of the parliament (CHP, MHP, HDP) will each have 20 minutes to give statements on their position, as Oya Armutçu from Hürriyet reported.

President Erdoğan will also have 20 minutes, if he prefers to use this time, which would then mean for ‘yes’ voters to have 70 minutes of the allocated time, while the opposition will be given only 40 minutes.

On the other hand, it has been noted by a number of members from the opposition that involvement of the president in any kind of political propaganda is actually not permissible according to current laws.

Hesitance of the ruling party in giving the opposition equal opportunity to have their voice on state channels has already been a topic of concern pointed out by the opposition members. The government had also not responded to the requests of the opposition for parliamentary debates and voting on the proposed constitution to be broadcasted live on state channels.