Report of Hrant Dink Foundation on hate speech in Turkey's media
19.06.2017 18:09 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Hrant Dink Foundation in Turkey has published the 2017 report of Media Watch on Hate Speech.

According to the data shared in the report, which covers the months of January-April in 2017, national, ethnic, or religious groups were targeted and subjected to hate speech in 806 columns and reports.

In the 148 pages long report, it was stated that 1876 news pieces and columns were examined in 70 publications. Since certain pieces included more than one statement considered as hate speech, a total of 2335 hate speech phrases against 58 different groups of people were found in the texts examined.

While 43% of hate speech found was published in national newspapers, 57% was found in local ones.

Groups against whom hate speech was used were Armenians (439); Syrians (433); Jews (298); Christians (210); Greeks (198); Greek-Turks (166).

Findings of the report will also be presented at a panel on June 19th at Hrant Dink Foundation