Survivor of Suruç Massacre of Turkey detained and placed in a cell next to ISIL suspects


On the second year anniversary of the Suruç Massacre in Turkey, Volkan Uyar, a survivor of one of the deadliest attacks of ISIL in the country, was taken into custody. As a confidentiality order has been issued on the file against Uyar, even his lawyers have yet to be able to see the content of the case.

Held in İstanbul’s Vatan Police Department, Uyar said the following through his lawyers: “Same practices have continued since the Massacre. Instead of going after public officials whose negligence can even be considered as an act done ‘on purpose’ or going after the suspects of ISIL, authorities have been pressuring the survivors, witnesses, and the families of those who lost their lives. There is a reason behind this. They are using it as a tactic to frustrate those who are going after the case and they are actually telling them to let this go!”

The fact that a survivor of Suruç Massacre gets taken into custody on the day of the anniversary of the massacre and that he even gets placed in a cell in prison next to the cells where ISIL suspects are held is viewed by lawyers of the case as implied message of authorities in Turkey.

Although they have not been able to see the content of the file because of the confidentiality order, lawyers suspect that Uyar will probably be accused of ‘terror support’ – like it has been the case with other similar files – for having attended funerals of those who had died while fighting against ISIL in Kobane.



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