Turkey's education minister comments on evolution: 'We don't have to cover all subjects'
08.02.2017 15:25 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Ruling party AKP’s draft proposal for a new curriculum in Turkey has caused debates, especially because of the exclusion of Charles Darwin’s evolution theory.

While Deputy PM Kurtulmuş deemed the theory as ‘too old and shot to pieces,’ a new statement came from Turkey’s Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz.

Also touching on claims that content regarding the founding president of the country Atatürk and his successor İnönü will be removed, Yılmaz said ‘such assertions are preventive propaganda.’

In regards to evolution theory, however, Yılmaz said it will still be taught at college level. Yılmaz stated: “And, as with the evolution theory: there are hundreds and thousands of subjects. We do not have to cover all of them. We removed the section on ‘history of nature.’ But evolution theory will sure be covered at college level… We must catch the spirit of the time. If you cannot catch the spirit, you would keep the society out of the current affairs.”

Source: http://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/bakan-yilmaz-dan-evrim-teorisi-aciklamasi-146142.html