Turkey’s President Erdoğan targets opponents of the proposed new constitution
10.02.2017 22:07 BİRGÜN DAİLY

After having signed the controversial constitutional amendments package recently, Turkey’s president Erdoğan criticized the ‘no’ voters by claiming ‘they only talk instead of taking action.’

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the natural gas facilities at Turkey’s Lake Tuz (the great salt lake), Erdoğan briefly talked about the project at Lake Tuz and gave a speech on AKP’s projects. Mentioning ‘now that he has signed the bill for a new constitution’, Erdoğan cheered the crowd by saying ‘yes’ to the proposed changes, although it is against the current law in Turkey for the president to break her/his impartiality and to take sides in political campaigns.

He said to the crowd: “So, we have signed it! May it be good! Do you say ‘yes’ to April 16th? You know these ‘no’ voters: they only talk. But we are in love with you (the people)!”

Erdoğan again brought up the assertions on reintroduction of death penalty in Turkey and repeated himself by saying: “April 16th will be mark! The eventual end of those who have martyred my soldiers, police, rangers, and citizens is execution!”

Source: http://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/erdogan-bu-hayir-cilar-var-ya-bunlar-sadece-laf-uretirler-146427.html