107 more judges and prosecutors in Turkey dismissed

BİRGÜN DAİLY 05.05.2017 22:50
107 more judges and prosecutors in Turkey dismissed
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Turkey’s Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors have dismissed 107 more judges and prosecutors over allegations of their ties to Fethullah Gülen movement. Warrants of arrest have been issued against them, as well.

In his statement given to press members, deputy chair of the Board Mehmet Yılmaz said ‘this is the latest dismissal based on the lists they had in hand.’ There are not any other lists, either, he added.

105 of the judiciary members were expelled from their posts based on their ‘confessions’, while the other two were found to be ByLock users, Yılmaz mentioned. The names of these 107 judiciary members have not been disclosed, yet.

Since the government’s declaration of state of emergency last summer in response to a failed coup attempt allegedly led by followers of Gülen, 4238 judges and prosecutors have been dismissed.


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