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AKP government’s next target: ‘certain’ NGOs

AKP government’s next target: ‘certain’ NGOs

Nurcan Gökdemir

The NGOs that Erdoğan has threatened are faced with the risk of being closed down with the excuse of ‘terror connection.’ While CHP MP Özel says, “Erdoğan is implementing a systematic fascism step by step”, HDP MP Baluken asserted that the AKP government is trying to “discipline all dynamics of the society.”

It’s been disclosed that the government is in preparation for imposing sanctions on NGOs that Erdoğan has defined as the ‘certain known structures.’

Erdoğan had made remarks about the civil society institutions that had prepared reports regarding the operations in Cizre and Sur by saying “the preparers of these reports must be clamped down.” It is now disclosed that ‘certain’ institutions that Erdoğan had pointed out are now being closely monitored by commissions formed in the Interior and Finance Ministries with the allegations of having a connection with ‘terror groups.’

Their closure is considered

While the Ministry of Finance is investigating these NGOs’ accounts, sources of revenue, and expenses, the Ministry of Interior is evaluating the consistency of their work with their objectives, their formal and informal collaborations, and the activities of their executives.

After these evaluations and investigations are completed, the nature of the sanctions to be imposed on these NGOs will be determined. It’s been reported that in addition to the operations on the executives of these NGOs, the organizations can also be closed down with the excuse of ‘being in connection with terrorist groups.’

‘A systematic fascism is at play’

Pointing out that where Erdoğan is trying to lead the country is no longer a secret agenda, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel stated: “Erdoğan is applying his timed fascist schedule hung on the wall of AK Palace. He’s got a key in his hand and he is tightening all the screws in the country one by one with that key. After appointing ‘kayyum’ (guardian at litem) to the institutions that they were once partners in crime, they are now getting prepared to appoint kayyum to the municipalities. It is visible that after these steps, there will be new plans for NGOs, and, then, for associations and trade bodies. Standing against this is a responsibility for all of us.”

‘Tomorrow could be too late’

Stating that Erdoğan and AKP are trying to discipline all dynamics of the society, HDP Group Deputy Chairman İdris Baluken said, “They want to penalize NGOs for their approach and stand. The reports of these groups and other human rights organizations during the operations in Cizre, Sur, and Silopi really bothered Erdoğan. And, he openly threatened them. After he said ‘they are going to pay for this’, starting with Şebnem Korur Fincancı, we saw arrestment and detention of journalists and academicians. However, since the NGOs have not taken a step back in the face of Erdoğan, it is now expected that there will be institutional discharges.”

Adding that this is a very dangerous approach, Baluken continued, “However, this way, Erdoğan’s real face, which some parts of the society do not want to see, will be revealed completely. The government is currently testing the water in this regard. The civil society body must portray a very firm stand against this with all its strength. Because, tomorrow could be too late. Those who are not a target for Erdoğan today can be left alone in the future when they do become a target. So, starting from today, democratic forces and the opposition voices must rise.”

‘It is not a coincidence’

Baluken also mentioned that he did not think this step of Erdoğan was just a coincidence. He added, “Erdoğan sees that the biggest obstacle against his oppressive regime would come from the civil society dynamics that make up the democratic front. This fear of Erdoğan must be addressed; the best answer to give would be the quick realization of a democratic front.”


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