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AKP MPs shown a children’s size wedding gown at Turkey’s Parliament

BİRGÜN DAİLY 22.11.2016 16:25
AKP MPs shown a children’s size wedding gown at Turkey’s Parliament
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CHP MP Gamze İlgezdi protested the controversial bill suggesting impunity from punishment for child molesters if they marry the victim.

While AKP officials tried to defend their proposed bill by claiming that there are several cases of child marriages in Turkey where ‘the man actually is the victim since he gets convicted of child sexual abuse although his relation with the child had taken place with the consent of the child and her family’, major rallies were held all across Turkey over the weekend against this bill and the AKP government announced it will be further discussed at a commission before a voting is held on it.

As most people still remain unsatisfied and demand the complete withdrawal of the bill, CHP MP Gamze İlgezdi also protested against it at the Parliament today by bringing to the room a full-size groom’s suit and a child-size wedding gown.
With the reaction of the Spokesperson Ahmet Aydın, who has been assigned his duty this morning in place of HDP MP Buldan, clothes held by MP İlgezdi were taken away.

Spokesperson Aydın said to MP İlgezdi: “Anyone who wants to bring along objects here cannot do that! Your position has been understood. Now, please!”


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