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An art exhibition in İstanbul attacked by a group of people shouting: ‘You can’t drink alcohol here!’

In İstanbul’s Tophane area, opening reception of an art exhibition was attacked by a group of people, who have been alleged to be the residents of the town. The attackers raided the site by shouting ‘you cannot drink alcohol here’.

An art exhibition in İstanbul attacked by a group of people shouting: ‘You can’t drink alcohol here!’

As artists and visitors had gathered at the KUYTU art exhibition - which consisted of art pieces made by 21 women artists - a group of 4-5 men, who are alleged to be locals of the Tophane town, attacked the attendees of the exhibition by shouting at them ‘you cannot drink alcohol in this town in groups of men and women!’

The opening reception had to be cancelled after the attack.

It has been reported and observed from short recordings of the incident that the attackers tried to kick everybody out and shouted: ‘go away’; ‘you scumbag’; ‘you’ve got drunk, stop talking to me’.

Talking to Eylem Nazlıer from Evrensel newspaper about the attack, among the organizers and attendees of the exhibition Vardal Caniş Su told the following: “We had compiled works of 21 women…We found sponsors and organized the event. Our topic was ‘the night’. It was an exhibition where the attendees walked around with flashlights on their hands. And, this is also why we had named it Kuytu (Secluded). And, we were subjected to the attack of 4-5 people - who claimed that they were the residents of the town - with the reason of ‘gathering as men and women and drinking.’ They walked over us and a skirmish took place. The level of violence did not get as big thanks to others who intervened. We left the street area and entered back to the gallery. But even that was not enough for the attackers, so, we had to close down the gallery and cancel the opening reception. The exhibition will continue for one more week.”

The actual reason of concern

Su continued her comments and explanations: “We actually opened this gallery in worry but we were optimistic about going through it without a problem somehow. We had previously witnessed in other similar organizations that the town culture in Tophane is actually not very suitable for these kinds of things. So, it was not something unexpected. But the actual reason for our concern is this: we have organized this exhibition as 3 school friends. And, each of the participating 21 artists supported us by all means. So, it was a collective action…But when we called the police, we were alone! We were told that it was more proper for us to close down the gallery. It is not the residents that worry us; it is knowing that in case an incident of this sort happens, there is nobody to prevent this or help us and that we would eventually have to cancel our activity and leave the site at the end.


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