An increase in the price of 915 medicines was made in Turkey


With the arrival of winter months the rate of illness has increased. As of today, patients going to the pharmacy will face an increase in prices of 915 different medicines. Price hike includes antibiotics and vaccines

16.37 percent increase

Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, while increasing the price of 915 drugs, it will decrease the price of 962 drug. This decision was taken in accordance with the demands of the drug companies. According to the decision, while the price of 915 drugs are increased by 16.37 percent , the price of 962 medicines are decreased by 14.03 percent. Because drug prices are indexed abroad in Turkey, when the price of the drug increase in the country of origin, it will also put into practice in Turkey.

Prices will also increase in February

While 12.98 percent inflation rate put the citizens of Turkey in an economically bad situation, a price hike is expected in February. Along with the increase in the exchange rate of drugs, a 20 percent increase is expected to come in February. The medication exchange rate was 2.32, while the euro saw 4.55. When the 19 percent raise was made, the 1.98 euro exchange rate had moved to 2.32. A 20 percent hike is also expected in this time.

Many drugs will be driven to the market with the increased price

Onur Tokel, the president of Anatolian Pharmacists and Depositors Association, mentioned the drug troubles experienced in pharmacies following the news of the increase in prices, saying, "By today, the drugs will be sold to the market with the price increases. Following the hike, many drugs called 'no', 'not staying' will be driven to the market with the increased price of the drug.

Translated by: Pınar Yüksek