Armed attack at a courthouse in Turkey's Bursa

BİRGÜN DAİLY 04.07.2017 21:35
Armed attack at a courthouse in Turkey's Bursa
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An armed man opened fire at Gemlik Courthouse of Turkey’s Bursa province at evening hours of Tuesday (July 4) killing a police officer who wanted to prevent him. The attacker then committed suicide at the site.

It was revealed shortly after that the man had also shot dead the lawyer of his ex-wife in front of his office building near the courthouse. A case filed by his ex-wife and handled by the killed lawyer Özgür Aksoy was the reason for the killings, reports indicated.

Officer İdris Büyükdönmez lost his life at the site. Lawyer Aksoy, who was also an active member of main opposition CHP, passed away in the hospital where he was taken to under critical condition.


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