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Author Müftüoğlu: ‘Speaker’s Che statement isn’t political; it’s a medical condition!’

Author Müftüoğlu: ‘Speaker’s Che statement isn’t political; it’s a medical condition!’

Recent remarks of the Speaker of the Parliament İsmail Kahraman about Che Guevara, where he called Che a ‘bandit’, have spurred debates. While speaking in front of public in Rize during a recent ceremony, Kahraman said: ‘The symbols of the bandit called Che cannot be worn on my youth’s neck or chest’.

Author Müftüoğlu: ‘It’s a medical condition…’

Among the authors of BirGün, Oğuzhan Müftüoğlu has commented on Kahraman’s statements, saying ‘Remarks of İsmail Kahraman are not a subject of politics; they are a subject of medicine!’

Comments of author Oğuzhan Müftüoğlu are as the following:

“This is not something political; it is a medical condition… I especially recommend a good neurologist or a good psychiatrist. We see what those who say ‘Hodja’, ‘religion’, and ‘Allah’ are doing!

Che had not done things like bombing parliaments; shooting people on the streets; carrying out coups; playing ill tricks; or robbing. I guess, these people look at the mirror and get depressed… Progressive leftist people should not even bother with these kinds of waffles thrown out by these kinds of people. I don’t think that wise people would not pay much attention to these kinds of remarks.

We can ensure receiving the respect of the people only through wise words with regards to how we are to get out of this mess we are dragged into. We cannot come back at them otherwise.”


CHP MP Erol writes an open letter to the Parliament Speaker about his statements on Che Guevara

CHP Dersim MP Gürsel Erol has written an open letter to PM Binali Yıldırım Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman about his recent scolding remarks about Che Guevara, where he called Che a ‘bandit’.

MP Erol’s letter reads as:

“My honorable Speaker,

I would like to first extend a reminder! Since you have been selected as the Speaker of the Parliament, you can no longer hold the right to speak or act in line with your own ideological views or your party’s political views.

You are neither a parliamentary group leader of AKP nor an MP; you are the chair of all standing parties’ ministers of parliament. Meaning, you are also the Speaker representing me, a CHP MP.

You must remember this responsibility of yours when expressing your thoughts and views to the public. Your statement about Ernesto Che Guevara, who had fought against dictatorship in Cuba and made history throughout the world while being considered a hero of the people in his geography, is such that falls in with neither diplomatic nor political grace.

I do not condone this statement of yours, which is made in such difficult times that our country is going through, and I express my reactions to it. I would also like to make another reminder: when Che Guevara died, a copy of our great leader Atatürk’s Nutuk (the Speech) was found in his backpack.

We are actually saddened that while even Che Guevara had tried to understand Atatürk by reading his book Nutuk, those who make decisions about our country’s destiny today have not understood Atatürk, unfortunately.

My suggestion to you is that you should also read Atatürk’s Nutuk, which had even come out from Che Guevara’s bag.


Gürsel EROL

CHP Tunceli MP”

Reaction from Cuban officials

Cuban Embassy in Ankara has also reacted to the messages of Speaker of the Parliament İsmail Kahraman by releasing a statement, saying: “These stated words do not reflect on the spirit of siblinghood, solidarity and respect among the parliaments and the people of Cuba and Turkey.”

Speaking to Hürriyet newspaper, Cuban Ambassador Alberto Gonzales Casals said: “Even the greatest enemies of Cuba have never used such expressions!”