Call From the SOL Party to the socialists: Let's build a left block

SOL Party, called on all socialist parties and movements to form a socialist bloc in the elections. together with the Socialist Force Alliance.

SOL Party declared, "Let's destroy this outdated reign! Let's Unite to Build a New Country" The Party Assembly published its Final Text after its meeting held on 26.2.2023 . Emphasizing that the AKP-MHP government was the culprit of the earthquake disaster that took place on February 6 and caused the death of tens of thousands of people, it is said, "Let's unite in this election to leave a mark that will be the founder of tomorrow.”

The full version of the SOL Party PM Final Text is as follows:

"Let's destroy this antiquated reign! Let's Unite to Build a New Country

The earthquake we experienced on February 6 turned into a disaster with the death of tens of thousands of our people and a great pain spread all over the country.
The AKP-MHP government is responsible! The rent scheme they established through privatization and commercialization of public services turned the country into a cemetery. After the earthquake, their life-saving AFAD did not appear for days. Kızılay was busy selling tents at the can market. The Diyanet issued fatwas that could be married by adoption and their sects went after the children. The one-man regime has collapsed with all its pillars!

All segments of society managed to unite and organize a great solidarity in this ruin. People from every country from Greece to Israel, from Armenia to Iraq, wholeheartedly participated in the great solidarity campaign of the people whom the government tried to turn against each other with ethnic and sectarian divisions. Great humanity and solidarity have won!

Those in power, on the other hand, are fearfully looking for ways to go to the elections in a new wave of repression with their construction show based on emergency decrees and their tantrums and sticks they shake, accompanied by plenty of profanity. But they should also know that no matter what they do, they will not succeed, they will lose!

The time has come to bury this empire of evils in history. This is now a matter of life and death for the whole society, a choice as clear as life and death.
To achieve this, we will fight with all our might, shoulder to shoulder with all opposition forces. Every component of the opposition should act with this responsibility, and act with a responsibility in accordance with this great spirit of social solidarity when determining the presidential candidate.

It is Our Call to Socialists to Build a New Country

Turkey's way out of these destructions and crises cannot be in right-wing politics and the capitalist neoliberal capitalist system. A real reckoning with the political Islamist regime will only be the result of social struggles in which the socialist left will be the organizer.

The solidarity and will to struggle after the earthquake also showed this strongly. As all components of the socialist left with whom we are united in solidarity and struggle, let us now transform this will into an alternative that will be the founder of a new country in the elections.

As the LEFT Party, together with the Socialist Force Union, we call on all socialist parties and movements to form a socialist bloc in the parliamentary elections. Let's form a socialist bloc in which all parties that have the right to participate in the elections will take part with their own names and emblems, and the parties that do not have the right to participate will be part of them in a way that they determine. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder for Turkey's revolutionary democratic transformation on the basis of secularism, publicism, opposition to imperialist policies, peace and democracy. Let's unite to leave a mark on this election that will be the founder of tomorrow!”