Cause of fire in dormitory in Turkey’s Adana province thought to be electrical meter

BİRGÜN DAİLY 30.11.2016 12:05
Cause of fire in dormitory in Turkey’s Adana province thought to be electrical meter
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Fire at a 3 stories dormitory in Adana’s Aladağ district caused 11 school-aged children and one staff member to lose their lives. More than 22 wounded children were taken to hospitals for treatment, as officials announced.

According to the reports given to Meltem Yılmaz from BirGün by some of the students, the electricity meter of the building was changed the day before the fire. Students also stated they did not see anyone checking on the meter by offiicials after its installation.

Surviving student: 'I jumped off the 3rd floor'

Having got wounded in the fire and taken to hospital, student B.G. said: “When it was understood that there was a fire in the dorm, a big panic among everyone began. I got so scared and jumped off 3rd floor. I have broken bones on my arms and legs and my back is injured.”

Mother of B.G. expressed her feelings by saying: “I’m thankful that my daughter is alive! I’m still in shock.”

Dorm was run by Süleymancılar (Suleymanites)

Named as Özel Aladağ Tahsil Çağındaki Talebelere Yardım Derneği Ortaöğretim Kız Öğrenci Yurdu (Private Girls Dormitory of Aladağ Association of Aid for School-aged Students), the dormitory was used for providing a place to stay for children whose families did not have the financial means to afford other alternatives. The annual rent for staying at the dorm, which is understood to be operated by a religious community called Süleymancılar (Suleymanites) is reported to be 700 TL (about 200 USD).

Reports reveal neglect

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that there have been several points neglected which caused so many children to lose their lives in this tragedy. Door leading to the fire escape stairs was locked; the roof, the attic, and interior walls were made of wood; and, floors – including the stairs – were completely covered with wall to wall carpet.

Families whose children are receiving treatment at Adana’s state hospital of Numune continue waiting in shock and worry.
People are also reacting against the Ministry of Education and government officials for not having monitored the condition of the dorm and for not providing good quality and safe facilities for students.


6 people are taken into custody

Manager of the dormitory Cumali Genç and 5 other officials have been taken into custody in connection to the incident. Meanwhile, a delegation of AKP went to the site. In his latest statements made to journalists, Governor of Adana said the dorm 'had been inspected last in June this year.'


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