Child abuse in Turkey increased by 700% within the past decade

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Child abuse in Turkey increased by 700% within the past decade
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Earlier in October, CHP Çanakkale MP Muharrem Erkek held a press conference at Grand National Assembly about the increase in cases of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of children within the past decade and the ‘social erosion’ that is currently taking place across Turkey, in general.

At the meeting he held at Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Erkek stated that the government was turning its back to the realities of the country.

Underlining that despite all the reports of violence against children, pedophile, and sexual harassment, officials have not taken any measures, Erkek said: “Turkish Statistical Institution has revealed the official data reflecting on the sad picture. According to this data, while more than 15% of the population in our country live under poverty line, millions of our citizens have to go on with their lives by receiving aids. In 2012, the total number of people who were designated as ‘in need’ was 23 million 668 thousand; in 2014, this reached 30 million 500 thousand. In other words, 2 out of every 5 people in our country – which has a population of 79 million – cannot live without support. And, one of the main reasons for the social erosion experienced in our country is this!”

Sexual assault and harassment

Erkek also said: “Income inequalities, environmental depredation, harassment and rape of children and women, number of child brides, increase in divorce, suicides, and the education system that has been completely rocked to its foundations have been causing our society to regress at a fast pace. And, whose duty is it to say ‘stop’ to these?”

Cases of child abuse increased by 700% from 2006 to 2015

As Erkek explained further, the number harassment cases filed in Turkey in 2006 was 3649. The same year, 5243 verdicts were made in reference to such cases and 2282 of them were decisions ordering for sentencing. Pointing out that a drastic increase in these cases took place between the years of 2006 and 2015, Erkek noted: “The recent data is an indication of a major collapse. In year 2015, the number of cases of sexual harrasment increased by about 400% and reached 13,619. And, of the 15,294 verdicts, 32% (4907) resulted in sentencing... In 2006, the number of sexual abuse cases involving children were 2414 and number of verdicts for that year wa 3778. Among the perpetartors of these, 42.5% (607) were sentenced. On the other hand, in year 2015, the cases of the same crimes increased by 700% and reached a total of 16,957.”

Erkek defended that an immediate action is needed to address this moral collapse and find solutions for it starting from the education system and evaluating the current laws and regulations with regards to punishment of such cases.


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