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CHP's criticism of MHP over the question 'presidential system'

CHP parliamentary group leader Levent Gök criticized latests comments of MHP Chair Bahçeli on the question of ‘presidential system’ and asserted that Bahçeli ‘should demonstrate a firm stand against the attitude of President Erdoğan, rather than starting on a debate over the presidential system.’

BİRGÜN DAİLY 13.10.2016 15:28
CHP's criticism of MHP over the question 'presidential system'
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Answering the questions of journalists at the Grand National Assembly, parliamentary group leader of CHP Levent Gök stated that the ‘stand of CHP about the presidential system was clear’ and said they were for the ‘continuation of the democratic parliamentarian system.’

Claiming that the questions with regards to the plans of establishing a presidential system in Turkey had been put aside, Gök said Turkey was to go on with the current democratic parliamentarian system. Gök added: “We have difficulty in understanding the intention of Bahçeli in starting the already put off debate over the presidential system. CHP is going to make all the effort in order for the democratic parliamentarian system to continue; and, our Parliament is not going to allow this (establishment of presidential system). Arguments over this are meaningless and useless. And, it is also wrong and dangerous to lead Turkey into this debate once again.”

Pointing out that ‘it was the duty of all politicians, starting with the President Erdoğan, to obey the current Constitutional laws and norms’, Gök also said: “We have to stand against the situation created by the President. Instead of starting off the arguments over presidential system again, Bahçeli should demonstrate a clear stand in the face of the current situation. We do portray such stand and we always call on the President to act within the lines of Constitutional boundaries.”

Also mentioning that the reason for AKP and MHP to bring forth the issue of presidential system again will be understood better within the following few days, Gök said: “Of course, Bahçeli is not making these statements for nothing! When a question that has been done with is brought up again, the question with regards to what exactly is being planned behind the scenes comes to mind; are there other bargainings at stake? And, at this point, clearing out these speculations is primarily up to Bahçeli and MHP.”

Gök also said his party was in the process of working on drafting constitutional amendments and would not get into arguments about the presidential system.


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