BİRGÜN DAİLY 21.11.2016 12:54

Claims about a possible prison breakout of FETÖ members in Turkey

Claims about a possible prison breakout of FETÖ members in Turkey

Columnist from Milliyet newspaper Tolga Şardan wrote recently that inmates convicted in scope of FETÖ operations are in preparation to start a revolt tomorrow (November 22). According to the claims of Şardan, a warning letter was sent to the chief prosecutors’ offices by the Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses, which is under Turkey’s Ministry of Justice. Signed by the chief of the directorate on November 19th on behalf of Minister Bozdağ, the letter indicated that ‘the members of the Cemaat (Gülen community) were found to have been communicating with other inmates in prisons in order to convince them to join their (Cemaat members) revolt, which is claimed to be planned to take place on November 21st or 22nd.

The letter also included the following precautions instructed for the prosecutors and security forces to take starting as of November 19th: increasing security measures – especially at nights, being prepared for possible kidnappings, keeping at least one fire truck and emergency units ready on sites, strengthening internal communications, informing Ankara about all extraordinary incidents as fast as possible, getting in contact with the offices of the governors, and keeping gendarme forces around.