Crackdown in Turkey furthered with latest three emergency decrees

BİRGÜN DAİLY 07.01.2017 11:52
Crackdown in Turkey furthered with latest three emergency decrees
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Three new emergency decrees have been announced in Turkey’s Official Gazette (Resmi Gazete).

Under these statutory decrees, more associations have been shut-down; more public employees have been dismissed; and, a new regulation has been brought for punishing media institutions that do not abide by broadcast bans.

Below are the most significant decisions of these latest decrees:

- 135 state employees at Religion Affairs Presidency, 836 in Health Ministry, 699 in Ministry of Justice, and 2687 in Police Force have been dismissed. 8 people from Danıştay (Council of State) have also been dismissed from their positions.

- 149 members from marine force and 164 from air force have been dismissed.

- 83 associations in 20 different provinces have been shut-down; 11 previously shut down newspapers have been allowed to be published again.

- 649 academicians have been dismissed.

According to the new regulations, police is given authority to have information about identities of internet users; private security guards will be able to bare and use arms; graduates of elementary school will be eligible to become specialist corporal and sergeants; media institutions that do not abide by broadcast bans will be silenced for a day, and, if disobedience is detected again for the second and third time within the same year, the institution may get longer silencing and/or closed down eventually.

Another order passed with the latest decrees is that ‘those citizens of Turkey who have been called on to return to homeland from abroad will have their citizenship voided if they do not follow along with the call'.


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