Great-grandson of Sultan Abdul Hamid II: ‘Al-Bab and Aleppo are my grandfather's registered lands'

Fourth generation great-grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, Orhan Osmanoğlu, claimed some lands in a number of cities in today’s Syria, Iraq, Israel, and Palestine are ‘privately registered’ under the name of his great grandfather.

According to reports of Sputnik, Osmanoğlu gave a speech at a meeting in central Anatolian province of Konya, marking the completion of a project run under the name of Abdul Hamid II.

“Buying land from Palestine had begun around 1880’s. The Sultan (Abdul Hamid II) used to give great importance to Gaza. And, he actually did this (buying lands) not only in Palestine but in many places in that region. North of Aleppo and Al-Bab are registered property of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. We have certain documents that show that he had bought such critical places. He also had bought nearly all areas surrounding Jerusalem… The Jews had understood (at that time) that they were not going to be able to buy the lands that Abdul Hamid had bought. They had begun purchasing lands in the region gradually but when the Sultan Abdul Hamid II came to power, he banned all of those purchases. The Sultan had actually foreseen the significance of these lands a century ago. We lost Mosul and Kirkuk with Lausanne but they are still registered under the name of Sultan Abdul Hamid II”.