HAZİRAN remonstrates against AKP and USA

United June Movement (Birleşik HAZİRAN Hareketi) will be on street with the slogan "The people will ask the AKP and the US for giving the account to the people"

The United JUNE Movement call all people to give shoulder for increasing the struggle for secularism, independence, freedom, equality and democracy in every aspect of life.

Here is the full explanation;

1- For nearly 70 years, Turkey has been politically and economically dependent on US imperialism because of the the right-wing rulers. These right-wing ruling powers’ common feature is being the enemy of public.

2- Political Islamism, which was opened in front of the military fascist cuntas on September 12, found a wide range of action with the US's Great Middle East Project and carried power through AKP. AKP is the child of US politics.

3- As a political Islamist party representing the imperialist oppression policies, the AKP is the head of the bloody war,and it also responsible for destruction and plunder in the Middle East. Invader adventures have been a part of America's regional battles, making our country vulnerable and open to all kinds of foreign intervention with false policies. Rumors about the US playing games to demolish the AKP or false anti-imperialist discourses can not change that fact.

4- AKP government has deepened the external dependency of our country. The AKP, fulfilling its "promises" to imperialists, by selling all of our public assets such as TELEKOM, TEKEL, public places to the imperialists. A privatization of $ 60 billion has been realized in 15 years and the Turkish economy has turned into an international finance-capital playing field.

5- AKP continues its power with corruption and bribery. Money launderers, those who add money to their million dollars in tax havens, the people who are oppressed under the cost of life are further impoverished with new taxes. The government still want sacrifice from the people without being embarrassed for the worsening economy.

6- It is clear that the judicial process that started in the US was a step that the imperialists have put in order to compress the AKP. But there is no expectation of the Turkish laborer people from American imperialism and the internal calculations of their pawns for a democratic, free and independent Turkey.

7- The millions that went out on the streets during the Gezi protests will save the country from this darkness and the imperialism’s paw. The only power that will put an end to the AKP government which stuck in corruption is the determination of the people of Gezi's, the millions who say NO in the referendum.The bright and equal future of our country is possible only through the programmatic struggle of the people who have nothing to sell aynthing other than his/her labor.

8- The people's democracy experienced during the glorious June days is the only basis upon which we can rest when we rebuild this country on the basis of equality and solidarity.

Now, it is time to re-dominate in all areas of life with hope, joy and resistance just like in referendum.

We urge all of our country's honorable, hardworking, good-hearted people to come together against organized evil, to fight together for a future in which corruption and poverty do not exist.

We will increase the struggle for secularism, independence, freedom, equality and democracy in every aspect of life.

We will expel AKP from these lands, along with all its economic and military links to the United States.

We will surely receive tomorrows from the hands of the dark forces.

We will establish fully independent Turkey!

Source: https://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/haziran-akp-ve-abd-den-hesabi-halk-soracak-sloganiyla-sokaga-cikiyor-195641.html

Translated by Pınar Yüksek