ISIL refers to Erdoğan as ‘taghut’ and calls for jihad against Turkey

BİRGÜN DAİLY 09.12.2016 13:57
ISIL refers to Erdoğan as ‘taghut’ and calls for jihad against Turkey
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In the 4th issue of ISIL’s official publication Rumiyah, which has recently been released, Turkey’s current President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and deceased former PM Necmettin Erbakan are referred to as ‘taghut’ (insubordinate of Allah), and, their supporters and followers have been ‘declared as kafir’. Moreover, journalists and thinkers in Turkey are spotted as the next target.

ISIL members, who were called by former PM Davutoğlu and other AKP officials as ‘just a group of angry Sunni-Muslim youngsters’, have made a ‘call for jihad in Turkey’, ordering for attacks to be carried out against all public institutions and the media.

In this latest issue, there is also a ‘command for all AKP supporters to be slaughtered’.

‘Criticize yourself first, before talking about ISIL’s method of killing’

“We would like to tell those thinkers, authors, and lurchers who appear on TV and criticize us: if you have the slightest conscious, before criticizing and discrediting the Islamic State, you will first talk about the atrocities done by your country. Before criticizing the killing methods of the Islamic State, you should criticize the killing methods your own soldiers us on us. Before talking about the Islamic State, you should first talk about what the taghuts and tyrants have done to us…”
Defining AKP government as ‘polytheist and apostate’, ISIL members also claim to know the whereabouts of ‘all those critics and media members’ who criticize them.

‘Ask Allah for help and attack Turkey!’

In a clear and open message, a ‘call for jihad against Turkey’ was made with the following statements: “…Today, Turkey has become a part of your target in your activities and your jihad. Ask Allah for help and attack there. Turn its safety into fear; and, its comfort into fright. Then, include it as part of your territory of your heated struggle... We call on each loyal almohad to target all branches of apostate and secular Turkish government, its security organizaation, military units, commercial spots, squares, and actually all of its consulates and embassies across the globe.”

‘Stab those who support AK Party’

In the section where AKP and its supporters are targeted, the jihadist group used frightening phrases: “…Make Erdoğan and his supporters, who have launched a war against Islam and Muslims, your target! Target AK Party government, its buildings, and its members! Target its provincial and district heads! Target its youth branches and all of its other executives and members! Target all those who support, legitimize, and vote for AK Party! As they shed the blood of your siblings, you should shed their blood, too. Target those police officers and judges who do not abide by Allah’s rule and who jail your siblings. Target the soldiers of the taghut who have come down to kill your brothers in Islamic State and attack them in their own country at the most unexpected time. Target the parliamentarians who turn their face to Allah’s law and try to impose their own rules on people. Stab them; crush them with cars; choke them; burn them; destroy their buildings; blow their heads off with guns; poison them; and, shed their blood through any means you’ve got and scatter their body parts onto the streets.”


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