kRG's referendum on independence is a reason for war for Turkey, says head of MHP

BİRGÜN DAİLY 24.08.2017 12:30
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Head of Turkey’s far-right MHP (Nationalist Movement Party), Devlet Bahçeli, held a press conference on Thursday (August 24) at his party’s headquarters in Ankara.

Mentioning the frequented attacks on Atatürk’s statues across the country; increase in violence against women; and, an appearance of a police officer with a beard while on duty, Bahçeli said these are only a few examples to the ‘dangers’ waiting Turkey. In the face of ‘surge of such dangers, Turkey is being drowned in rotten arguments’, he said.

Pointing out the instability in the country in various fields, Bahçeli said: “It’s obvious; we have so many problems… People are confused and their hardships are many”.

Also refering to the scheduled referendum on independence in Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Bahçeli said the growing opposition of Russia and USA to the referendum in KRG is significant, addng: “Qandil and should be blown out of the water. A deathblow on guardians of terrorism must be made immediately... It should be known that this referendum is a rehearsal of Kurdistan. It is completely against the interests of Turkmens and Turkey. If necessary, this referendum should be seen as a reason for Turkey to go into war.

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