Labor unions, parties, and NGOs launch a 'union of forces against fascism, coups, and OHAL

13.08.2016 10:04 BİRGÜN DAİLY
The members of the newly launched Platform of Union of Forces, composed of the labor force and democratic forces, came together under the leadership of DİSK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions), KESK (Confederation of Public Workers Unions), TMMOB (The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects), TTB (Turkish Medial Association) in order to declare their stand against fascism, coups, and state of emergency.


The workers and democratic forces that have come together under the leadership of DİSK, KESK, TMMOB, and TTB have announced the formation of a new platform during a press conference held in Ankara on August 11th. The goal of the platform is to enhance the efforts of workers and democratic forces against fascism, coups, and state of emergency by rising up hopes, collaboration, and the campaigns. In the press conference where KESK Co-chair Lami Özgen, DİSK President Kani Beko, TMMOB President of Board of Directors Emin Koramaz, TTB Central Board of Directors President Raşit Tükel, HDP Co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş and chairs and presidents of other labor force organizations and democratic forces were present, the joint declaration was read by KESK Co-chair Lami Özgen.

‘Our stand against coups is clear!’

In the joint statement of the Platform of Union of Forces, it was highlighted that a time of darkness and hardship was being experienced; and, the following statements were shared:

“AKP’s monist, sectarian, fascist, and neo-liberal policies that have abolished the freedoms of thought, religion, and expression and its practises especially during the most recent years, which have aimed for a regime change, have brought our country to an edge of a cliff, leading to a point where the July 15 coup attempt took place. The coup attempt that was led by a junta of AKP’s old partner Cemaat (Gülen community) has been suppressed. However, another face of the darkness that consists of the Cemaat which has invaded all branches of the state is actually the current ruling party AKP. Under bigot administrations, Turkey has been turned into a country where dependency on imperialism has deepened; labors of people have been exploited; and, all gains in terms of freedoms, democracy, and secularism have been demolished.

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Suppression of the coup does not automatically mean that the system, which also happens to contain it in itself, will change.

AKP is trying to sustain its authoritarian, oppressive, and exploitative system with its counter-coup operations started after the July 15 coup attempt. It is now completely suspending all remaining pieces of democratic rights and freedoms through the state of emergency laws and statutory decrees. The dismissals and interrogations in public offices launched under statutory decrees without solid evidence are also turning into an effort of oppression, threats, and a complete wipe-out of all groups in opposition. As members of labor and democracy forces that have paid the price several times and gone through struggles against coups, our stand against coups was always clear in the past; and, it is clear today, too!

‘We are uniting our forces’

In the statement where it was underlined that the way for stopping the current state of affairs was the unity of forces that are in defense of labor, democracy, secularism, peace, and solidarity, following remarks were added:

“As members of the forces in defense of labor, peace, and democracy, we announce that we have come together, with our hopes for a prosperous future, in order to

- Defend a life in human dignity and in secure work against policies of impoverishment, sub-contracts, and vulnerable employment; restrictions of rights of the workers for assembling and collective bargaining; and labor murders;

- Defend true democracy in the face of intentions to dictate and abolishing of fundamental rights and freedoms through the new oppressive decree laws under state of emergency;

Güç Birliği Platformu: “Faşizme, darbelere ve OHAL’e karşı güçlerimizi birleştiriyoruz” Güç Birliği Platformu: “Faşizme, darbelere ve OHAL’e karşı güçlerimizi birleştiriyoruz”

- Enhance a truly secular fight, which also embraces freedom of belief, against the efforts carried out through the state apparatus under bigot, monist, authoritarian, and sectarian ideologies intended for taking over the society;

- Enable ending all policies of war at national and international grounds and solving the Kurdish question collectively and based on equal rights, with peaceful and democratic political approaches;

- Carry out a collective and united fight against fascism, coups, and the interference of imperialistic forces in our collective future within our country and the region.

- Strengthen the fights of women for freedom and equality in the face of all patriarchal, fascist, and bigot policies targeting the women’s labor, identity, body, and willpower;

- Work together against monist, sectarian, and discriminatory policies and attacks aimed at cultural and religious differences, especially at those of Alevi people;

- Protect our cities, nature, and habitats;

- Stand up together against all sorts of attacks, exploitation, and violence aimed at the oppressed, workers, youth, and all other victims – no matter which political view, identity, and belief they hold.”


The participants of the Platform of Union of Labor and Democracy Forces:

DİSK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions)

KESK (Confederation of Public Workers Unions)

TMMOB (The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects),

TTB (Turkish Medial Association)

DBP (Democratic Regions Party)

DP (Democrat Party)

EMEP (Labor Party)

EHP (Labor Movement Party)

ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed)

HDP (People’s Democratic Party)

SEP (Socialist Workers’ Party)

SYKP (Socialist Party of Refoundation)

YSGP (Party of the Greens and the Left Future)

HDK (People’s Democratic Congress)

Haziran Movement

Halkevleri (community centers)

İHD (Human Rights Association)

Hacı Bektaşı Veli Foundation

Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association

Alevi-Bektaşi Federation

DAD (Democratic Foundation of Alevis)