Latest poll results on upcoming referendum in Turkey: ‘No’ votes are expected to be higher

05.02.2017 12:41 BİRGÜN DAİLY

According to the latest survey results of research institute Gezici, 35% of AKP constituents are expected to cast a ‘no’ vote at the upcoming referendum in Turkey.

Additionally, if the voter turnout gets high, a majority of ‘no’ votes in the referendum should not be a surprise, Gezici’s report indicates.

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Having announced from his twitter account that around 58-59% of voters will say ‘no’, head of the institution Murat Gezici shared further details about the results of the latest research with BirGün reporter Zeynep Yüncüler.

According to these results, 65% of AKP constituents are in support of the proposed constitutional changes, which will bring about a shift to a presidential system in the country.

On the other hand, 95% of CHP constituents are against the proposed system. This ratio appears to be the same with regards to HDP constituents. However, around 20% of HDP constituents signal an intention to not vote in the referendum.
Nearly 70% of MHP constituents are also against the proposed presidential system.

Overall voter turnout is anticipated to be at around 85% for now. If this increases, ‘no’ votes are also expected to rise.