BİRGÜN DAİLY 04.08.2016 20:40

Marxist historian Candan Badem is free

Marxist historian Candan Badem is free



Marxist historian Candan Badem was taken into custody in scope of the operations related to July 15 coup attempt for keeping in his office at school a book by Fethullah Gülen. He has been released today under condition of judicial control.

Badem’s arrest also got public reaction and attention because he is an academic who has defined himself as atheist and Marxist.

As Badem’s arrest and reports of other similar cases spread, speculations about the ongoing operations turning into a witch-hunt gains more ground. Making a statement about the current situation, former CHP MP and lawyer of Badem, Hüseyin Aygün said: “We are not going to allow inclusion of democrat, socialist, and progressive people in the bag of coup attempt.”